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Golf is one of the most popular summer sports. You grab the clubs, hit the course, and have some fun. There are golf games on mobile as well. They’re not as good as the real thing, or even console golf games. However, it’s a good way to kill a few minutes for golf fans. There are a lot of options, but only a few good ones. Here are the best golf games for Android to play golf with friends online 

Birdie Crush: Fantasy Golf is one of the newer golf games on this list. It boasts easy controls, fun game play, and plenty of things to do. Each course requires a different set of tricks to master along with various characters to play with. The fundamentals of the game are actually quite good despite the controls being rather simple. Of course, it’s not the most realistic game but it’s good enough for some good arcade golf fun. It’s definitely one of the stronger options in the genre and the graphics are pretty good too.

Desert Golfing is a perfectly acceptable arcade golf game. You play desert in the sand in some desert somewhere. The game features simple 8-bit graphics, simple controls, offline support, and more. You just hit a ball into a hole over and over again. It’s not a complicated game whatsoever. Those looking for deeper, larger golf games may need to look elsewhere. However, this one costs $1.99, has no in-app purchases and no advertising. It’s surprisingly cathartic to play.

Flick Golf Extreme is part of the Flick Golf series. It’s one of the most popular arcade golf games on Android. It plays a lot like the arcade golf games you see in bars and similar establishments. You flick your finger to hit the ball. The quickness of your flick determines the distance. The game features decent graphics, leaderboards, and unique maps. It has the occasional bug, but it rarely affects game play. It’s also fairly inexpensive.

Golf Battle is an online putt-putt game. It features six versus six online PvP in a sort of race format. Players flick their balls up the course and the first one to a hole wins. The game also features one vs one PvP, tons of unlockable content, and plenty of levels. It’s not golf in the traditional sense. There isn’t any agonizing over choosing clubs or observing wind speeds. However, the arcade action is entertaining.

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